Healing Your Relationship With Money

My desire is twofold:
• To assist individuals in bringing greater clarity, transparency, integrity & love to their finances.
• To help heart-centered entrepreneurs love their accounting system because it’s increasing their profits.

I’m a match for you if:
• Too much of your life energy is being sapped by financial matters.
• The time you spend on accounting matters is taking too much away from conducting your business and your life.
• You want your accounting system to actually help you increase your profits instead of being a pain in the *#@!.
• You feel guilty about how you handle and track your money.
• You need an accounting system tailored to your business so you have the necessary structure on which to build a thriving business.
• Honestly looking at your finances feels like going into a dark, cobweb-filled closet in which any number of unpleasant creatures could be lurking.
• You need someone to hold your hand and create a feeling of safety in order to honestly address your financial situation.