Listen a two minute recording of Fred Ball for Zions Bank talking on KSL radio about my business.

DATE: June 2, 2008

This is Fred Ball for Zions Bank, speaking on business.

Paige Paulsen believes wholeheartedly in the statement, “Increasing your consciousness about money, even in the smallest way, will positively affect [your whole life].”

This is the guiding philosophy behind Paige’s business, Holistic Accounting. The Salt Lake City-based company offers a range of services to help clients heal their relationship with money including individual counseling, tax and money classes, setting up accounting systems for small businesses and personalized accounting.

Paige worked in public accounting for three years and spent 16 years teaching accounting at the university level. She felt frustrated at only having time to cover accounting in her classes since she knew underlying money patterns are just as important to understand. She realized many people are disconnected from money and aren’t comfortable with it for various reasons. Since money seems to impact practically every decision we make, Paige decided she wanted to do something to help people improve their relationship with it, which lead to the creation of Holistic Accounting.

While a large portion of Holistic Accounting is devoted to traditional accounting work, including tax preparation, setting clients up on QuickBooks and providing financial advice, the other portion of the business involves classes and individual counseling to help clients address any money issues they have.

Where money is concerned, Paige tells me it’s important to look below the surface because there’s often more to a situation than meets the eye. Her goal is to help people raise their consciousness and have a more joyful life once they have clarified and resolved financial concerns.

Paige says it feels good to help people on all levels, and she offers one-on-one counseling, classes and workshops to share her money insights. She hopes to spread the word about Holistic Accounting so she can help more people find the road to financial intimacy.

For Zions Bank, I’m Fred Ball. I’m speaking on business.