Testimonials“Paige has done so much to help turn my relationship with money around! I had a great experience with the Money class and am still getting loads of benefit from what I learned.

Her compassion and knowledge create such a safe experience – even delving into the swampy waters of taxes! What a gift!”   – Sylvia Nibley

“Paige Paulsen’s techniques for addressing money issues certainly “cleared the deck” for me!  Several years ago, while waiting for my ship to come in, I sustained a monumental financial loss.  In two hours with Paige, I found some very big blocks to my natural abundance. Her facilitation of the “conversation” that I was having with money—the guilt and the fear—had an impact of such depth and clarity,  I saw at once how my thinking had been sabotaged by old, conditioned beliefs. With a little correction of the “rudder”, I appear to be sailing into smooth waters again.”  – Patricia York

“I highly recommend Playing The Tax Game class!  I took it this weekend and know that it more than paid for itself with just one tax deduction that I discovered.  

Paige covers in detail the best way to structure your business and then how to optimize your tax position.  She uses a practical, no-nonsense approach to understanding your business entity and establishing it in a way that provides you with maximum benefit. 

If you’re making any money with your business, it will benefit you to establish yourself in a business and take advantage of the benefits.” – Cheryl L Mertz

“After my class with Paige I now understand that not only was my money out of control, but so was my life.  

Paige created a safe environment for me to explore the possibilities.  My thoughts about money have completely changed.  This isn’t your normal money class.  While we had a TON of homework I also felt like I was going to counseling.  As I looked at my money and where it was going, I started to uncover things (some painful) about my life and my thoughts.  I equate it a lot to cleaning out my closet.  When I do spring cleaning in my closet I feel lighter, in control and NEW stuff can come in.  The same has happened to me during the money class.  My thoughts and life shifted and so did I. 

I have changed careers.  I have more time and I am free from the hold that money had on me.  Money no longer dictates how I live my life.  WOW.”  – Leslie Cunningham

“I’ve been fascinated in recent years by the power of the subconscious mind, but I didn’t know how to effectively connect its power to the energy of money. Now I do. As A result of this class, I stopped procrastinating and found an investment vehicle for proceeds from a house sale. Without the class there’s no telling how much more time I would have wasted or how much money I would have let slip by. I enjoyed this class so much, I was truly sorry to see it end.”  – Delores Peterson

“This class had very powerful value for me because of its emphasis on “work” both in and outside of class. I have a background in accounting instruction and in metaphysics and in neither place had I found the unique emphasis on the “energy” associated with money that I found in this workshop.
The method of instruction in Paige’s class definitely enables participants to capture the value and begin the shift in their beliefs and actions toward money.” – Joe Zug, Retired accounting professor, Spiritual seeker/lightworker